Investment Approach

Origin of operations

  • Pro-active approach (not only upon notification) in specific sectors where growth and/or consolidation potential has been identified
  • Preferential access channels via the sponsor network
  • Links with professional firms operating in the area as informative partners (in districts, sectors..) or as mere intermediaries

Assessment of the investment opportunities and due diligence

  • Internal ability of the team to perform business due-diligence
  • Specialization in the assessment of the professional qualities of entrepreneurs and managers and verification of congruency with Wise Equity’s management culture
  • Active contribution by members of the Investment Committee

Structure of the operations

  • Ability of the team to design and use sophisticated financial structures without being conditioned by the size of the business
  • Expert skills in management control systems

Management/monitoring of the investee companies 

  • Pro-active approach, with strong involvement of Wise Equity in the management of investee companies 
  • Daily contacts with entrepreneurs/managers
  • Participation in all main operating decisions
  • Implementation of management control systems
  • Financial/strategic involvement in supporting growth for acquisition (follow-on)

Divestments of stakes

  • Identification of potential targets for sale of stakes
  • Wise Equity in-house skills in management of disinvestment process and selection of outside advisors