Typology of Operations

    Leveraged Buy-Out
    Development Capital

Market characteristics and position of the target companies

  • Significant and stable cash flow
  • Mature sectors and/or opportunities for better profit margins via improvement of operating efficiency
  • Growth / development (investment in higer production capacity to accelerate growth)
  • Financial restructuring (in presence of positive EBITDA)
  • Opportunity for sector consolidation via acquisitions / mergers



Typical operation al characteristics

  • Majority stakes, including co-investment with other closed-end funds
  • Minority stakes only when having distinctive expertise in the sector or in a specific operation
  • Significant stakes
  • Main financial partner 
  • The majority shareholder is tipically the Owner/CEO



Typical investment period

  • 3/4 years
  • 4/5 years



Reasons of operation for the seller

  • Generational transfer
  • Family or Management buy-out
  • Exit from previous LBO
  • Need to reinforce the capital structure
  • Acquisition opportunities