legislative decree n. 231-2001

Legislative Decree n. 231/2001 (henceforth the Decree) stipulates regulations and administrative requirements for legal entities, including companies and associations without legal status, mandating the creation of a Supervisory Board following the adoption of an Organization and Management Model.  The Supervisory Board is tasked with monitoring the entity’s activities and ensuring the entity’s legal compliance in order to prevent the commission of specific crimes listed in the Decree.

The system of rules and regulations contained in the Decree are intended to ensure that the company’s activities comply with applicable laws and thus acts to preserve the company’s assets and protect the company from sanctions as set forth in the Decree.

Wise Equity has established an organizational control system to ensure the company’s compliance with the Decree and intends to create an independent and autonomous Supervisory Board composed of members with the necessary professional qualifications. The Supervisory Board will have the authority to carry out periodic and ad hoc audits and will create a mechanism by which it can receive notifications of possible compliance violations in order to ensure the company’s observance of rules and regulations.  The Supervisory Board will make proposals to the competent company organization to institute policies or take corrective action.

The Supervisory Board will assist the company in meeting its goals and objectives not only in the exercise of its powers of oversight and control on an ex-post basis but also through a forward looking and consultative approach.

The Supervisory Board:

  • will oversee the implementation and assist in the development of the Organization and Management Model;
  • will provide specialized training programs for participants in the Organization and Management Model;
  • will keep the Organization and Management Model updated both to reflect legislative changes and operating changes at the company which may have an impact on risk analysis and risk reduction procedures or for any other reason deemed necessary.


The Supervisory Board will propose to the Board of Directors any changes to the Organization and Management Model it believes are necessary or merely advisable.  The Supervisory Board will also have the ability to receive information regarding possible violations of the Organization and Management Model. Any information in this regard can be sent to the e-mail address odv@wisesgr.it.


Supervisory Board Members: Alberto Bernardinello (Chairman), Alessia Orsili (Head of Accounting and Financial Reporting - internal member), Pierluigi Pluviano (Head of Internal Audit Function - external member).