Wise Equity

Founded in 2000 by Paolo Gambarini and Michele Semenzato, Wise Equity specializes in the management of Private Equity closed-end funds investing in small and medium sized companies, with a special focus on Italy.

Over the years, Wise Equity has achieved a unique position in Italy’s Private Equity sector thanks to its management approach that considers its role not only as a supplier of capital, but also as a solid partner with whom to develop and build-up the company in accordance with the requirements of the shareholders and the management.

The Wise Equity team provides support based on a variety of experience and knowledge acquired in the fields of strategic consultancy, investment banking and company management. The skills and know-how cover investment selection, assessment, negotiation and investment structure, as well as strategic and operating consulting services specific to the individual business.

Wise Equity is owned by the management.

In June 2003, Wise Equity received Bank of Italy authorization to operate as a Management Company for pooled savings.

Wise Equity Funds invests in Italian small and medium-sized companies whit a sales turnover ranging between €20 million and €100 million.Special attention is given to the manufacturing and services market and to the sector of goods for manufacturing processes.

Wise Equity makes two main types of investments: Leveraged Buy Out (acquisition of majority holdings, via leverage) and Development Capital (subscriptions to increase capital stock in companies with high growth potential).

The average investment size is 10-30 million euro in terms of equity value, and 10-75 million euro in terms of Enterprise Value.

Wise Equity currently manages the following Funds:

  • Wisequity III
    that closed the investment period in December 2015 with a commitment of €181.5 million.
  • Wisequity IV
    that closed the investment period in July 2019 with a commitment of €215 million.
  • Wisequity V
    which fundraising closed in July 2019 with a commitment of €260 million.

Wisequity and BPM Private Equity Funds have been liquidated respectively in June 2010 and in December 2010.