We are aware of the impact our portfolio companies have on Society and believe the proper management of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in our investments increases a company’s ability to generate sustainable value for all stakeholders (employees, shareholders, clients, suppliers, …)



  • Minimize the negative impact and increase positive effects on the environment
  • Encourage the efficient use of natural resources and protect the environment
  • Sustain a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change


  • Treat all employees equally and respect their dignity, wellbeing and diversity
  • Assure safe and secure working conditions for employees and third parties
  • Safeguard the health and safety of all individuals involved
  • Take an active role in developing numerous career paths and guiding personnel in their careers


  • Guarantee honesty, integrity, fairness, diligence and respect in all commercial transactions
  • Promote international best practices in corporate governance


ESG criteria are integrated within all Wise Equity processes, from initial valuations through to disinvestment:


of new investments are subject to a pre-assessment


of portfolio companies are monitored annually on ESG performance


of the Investment Team periodically participates in ESG courses

Based on a portfolio company’s characteristics and sector, an ESG action plan is agreed with each company’s management and implemented over the investment horizon



  • Renewal of Neos’ aircraft fleet with the B787: reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 20% and the acoustic impact by 60%
  • Progressive reduction in single-use plastics on Neos aircraft
  • Elimination of plastics and reduction in water consumption at the VOI Hotels chain: 1.1 million plastic pieces eliminated in 2019
  • GSTC certification at VOI Hotels in Italy to reduce electricity consumption
  • Organic and KM 0 menus, with areas dedicated to local products, in all hotels managed in Italy
  • Introduction of smart working for employees in central offices – even before the Covid-19 health emergency
  • Gender equality: 60% of employees are female
  • Activities (especially for children) at the structures pay particular attention to respecting the environment: local marine flora and fauna, recycling
  • Partnership with Giunti Scuola to bring sustainability culture to elementary schools: reached over 75 thousand schoolchildren